Getting it right for every child – working together to improve children’s services and outcomes

The Realigning Children’s Service programme (RCS) helps Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) to make better decisions about how to improve services for children and families. RCS has supported around three local authorities a year since it began in 2015.

There is one CPP for each of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas and they are made up of various bodies, including councils, health boards, emergency services and community groups. RCS supports CPPs in their role to improve children’s wellbeing.

The vast majority of Scotland’s children and young people get the love and support they need from within their families and their wider, local communities. But even the most loving and caring families can sometimes need extra support.

This support can be provided through the wider family, the community or sometimes through what we call children’s services – services delivered by the local authority, health board or other third sector or independent provider that are wholly or mainly for the benefit of children generally or those with particular needs.

Scotland’s CPPs play a full part in delivering improved outcomes for children and their families – leaders and their teams must work together across organisational boundaries to shape services around the needs and demands of individuals and communities.

It is essential that we keep a clear focus on prevention and early intervention, with the aim of breaking cycles of inequality and poverty. The RCS programme, funded by the Scottish Government, provides support to leaders and teams locally to help this vision become a reality.

RCS will:

  • Ask children and young people about their wellbeing directly through surveys
  • Map children’s services that are currently provided and how much they cost
  • Deliver a Development and Facilitation programme for Community Planning Partnerships

The RCS wellbeing surveys take place in school for pupils in primary five to seven and secondary one to four. The next CPP areas where there will be surveys are: South Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway and Moray from January to April 2019.

The For Families button will guide parents, young people and children through everything they need to know about Realigning Children’s Services and the wellbeing surveys.

The For Professionals button will link those working with children and their families to specialised information they are likely to need, including the resources developed for school staff with a role in administering the wellbeing surveys.