What is Realigning Children’s Services?

It is a programme involving a number of Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) and the Scottish Government, as well as children and families.

We are working to make services better at meeting children’s needs and to meet those needs as quickly as possible.

To do this we will:

  • Collect data on wellbeing directly from children and parents
  • Map children’s services that are currently provided and how much they cost
  • Deliver a Development and Facilitation programme for Community Planning Partnerships

This information will form the basis of the discussion by CPPs when planning children’s services.

The RCS programme team are an enthusiastic group of professionals who have come together for the specific purpose of leading the Realigning Children’s Services programme. Together we bring a wide variety of skills and experience, ranging from development and implementation of survey work, thorough grasp of improvement methodology and implementation science, programme management, facilitation and delivery of seminars at leadership level, with experience of working in health and local authority settings, working closely with third sector organisations, and at a national strategic level.

How do we work?

The RCS team work with the participating CPPs and partners in a collaborative, honest and transparent manner. We see as part of our work the provision of evidence collection tools, development opportunities for senior staff to help transformational change to happen and direct facilitation in strategic discussions on planning services.

To help us do this we have a Strategic Partnership Group (SPG) of experts from the wider environment in which RCS operates.

The SPG also provides advice to the RCS Programme Board which is there to act as advocates for the Realigning Children’s Services programme, championing the programme and providing appropriate governance.

Who do we work with?

We are working with a range of partners in the delivery of the programme, including CPPs, survey suppliers, third sector organisations and experts in the various elements of the programme.