Early Intervention Case Study – Health Spots – Clackmannanshire

RCS is keen to highlight some of excellent work or partners are already undertaking in children’s services and keep aware of current best practices. Health Spot is a case study in Clackmannanshire , open to all secondary school children, to improve their health and well-being.

Health Spot lunchtime sessions provide a confidential and informal health information service through which young people can access support, advice and health information resources in school. It offers access to a range of professionals for all secondary children and young people to support their health and wellbeing. An example of early and effective intervention, it aims to prevent issues developing into serious health and social problems in the months and years ahead.

Health Spots acts is a multi-agency partnership between the school, education services, NHS Forth Valley, Third Sector Partners and Youth Services in Clackmannanshire.  This supports the embedding of a comprehensive, ‘whole school’ approach to children and young peoples health and wellbeing where the needs of the young person are put first. Therefore young people’s views of the service are sought and incorporated into the running of the programme.

Health Spots aim to:

  • provide a more integrated approach to the provision of health support for young people
  • involve and identify   partners, who, while working closely together, will involve young people, parents/ carers and their community in the continuing development of the Health Spots
  • give young people access and signposting to services that they have identified and require ,linking services and partners
  • improve communication and decision making between pupils, education, health and other key stakeholders
  • implement and regularly seek evaluation and assessment from all stakeholders
  • create an ethos and conditions that support positive behaviours and choices for young people
  • allows all children and young people to discuss and explore their own wellbeing
  • offer teachers and practitioners in schools advice and guidance

For more information please read Case Study – Health Spots

Health Spots Contact:

Kaye Hills, Education Officer,  

Education Development Service Clackmannanshire and Stirling Council

Tel: 01259 452471 / 07792348181 

Email: khills@clacks.gov.uk  / clkhills@glowmail.org.uk