What Realigning Children’s Services (RCS) means for parents and pupils

Pupils in primary 5 to 7, and secondary 1 to 4, are asked to take part in a survey about their health and wellbeing. The findings will help to understand the needs, strengths and possible concerns of children and young people. This will help plan future improvements to local services.

Nobody will ever be able to use the surveys to identify individual children or their answers. The surveys will only ever be used to look at overall levels and patterns of wellbeing in order to help plan services.

The survey work is carried out by a two leading Scottish survey research organisations – ScotCen Social Research and Ipsos MORI.

The RCS programme also asks the Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) to gather information on the services for children and families that are currently available locally.  This information, linked together with the information on children’s wellbeing from the surveys, will then be used to improve the CPP’s future planning of services for children and their families.

The wellbeing questionnaires for primary and secondary school pupils are available on this site, along with background information for parents and young people.

Further detail is available on the wellbeing surveys and Frequently Asked Questions pages.