Survey of pupils in P5 to P7

Realigning Children’s Services is an important programme about the lives of children in Scotland.

This is an entirely new survey, designed specifically to meet the needs of the RCS programme. Children will complete a web-based questionnaire themselves during a lesson at primary school.  All children in P5-P7 will complete the same questionnaire, regardless of which school year they are in. The differences in age are unlikely to have a significant effect on how they interpret and respond to the questions.
Children  will be  asked about:

  • friendship and family
  • how they find school
  • play and what they do in their free time
  • health and feelings

The questionnaire will take around 20 minutes to complete. Questions will use clear and simple language that the children use themselves. They will be short, simple and well-defined, and avoid ambiguous or abstract ideas.

Audio support will be available with this survey, which means that all the instructions, questions and answer categories on screen are also read out via an audio recording. Each child will be allocated a set of individual headphones.

The survey will be run by ScotCen Social Research on behalf of your local service providers and the Scottish Government. The survey will run within schools during January to March 2017 in Falkirk and North Lanarkshire CPPs.
Copies of the Primary Questionnaire available on request.