All pupils in P5-S4 who live in the participating CPPs are asked to take part in a wellbeing survey.  The survey is part of a programme designed to improve services for children and families, and to make your local area a better place for children to grow up.

The wellbeing survey is completed independently online during school time. There is a survey for primary school pupils which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The survey for secondary school pupils takes around 25 minutes to complete. The results will be brought together with other local authority information about how services are used locally and what could be improved.

The survey is provided on a secure website created by the survey contractors: ScotCen for primary and Ipsos Mori for secondary.

There are no surveys taking place at this time. Previous surveys were completed during school at a time agreed with the schools and wider CPP.

Schools were encouraged to follow up with these pupils to ask them to complete the survey on a different date. All surveys have now been finalised so no further follow up will take place.

No. Taking part is entirely voluntary. If you give permission for your child to take part, they do not have to answer all the questions and they can stop at any point in the questionnaire if they do not wish to continue. There will be an information letter with an opt out slip to complete and return to the school if you do not want your child to take part.

The survey is part of a wider programme designed to improve services for children and to make your local area a better place for children to grow up.

Your child’s responses will be de-identified which means we will not know the names of the children that have taken part- we will only see the responses along with their year group and school.  All the information from the survey will always be confidential and secure (this means nobody outside the study team will be able to see it) and it will be impossible to identify anybody from any published results.

Data linkage is the secure process of adding together different types of information about individuals from different sources. It keeps all personal information safe and confidential.

Further information about data linkage is available within the Professionals section of this website.

Yes. RCS, and the survey organisations involved, take their responsibility to keep personal information secure very seriously.  As part of our commitment to the security of your information, ScotCen Social Research and Ipsos MORI both have regular internal and external audits of their information security and are accredited by the International Standard for Information Security, ISO 27001:2005.

If you have further questions please use the contacts information to get in touch.

The wellbeing survey asks about aspects of emotional and physical wellbeing such as family life, friendships, school, play and health. Details of the primary and the secondary school survey questions are available on the families page

The survey contractors will provide a safe and secure link to their websites for children and young people to provide their responses. A copy of the survey’s privacy notice is available.

This website has a separate privacy and cookie notice.

In terms of the legal requirements, the wellbeing surveys and related data linkage follow the relevant legislation, including GDPR.

The data is collected and processed on the legal basis that this is a proportionate response to perform a task in the public interest (GDPR article 6(1) (e)). It relies on statutory provisions which include reference to the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 including Section 8 (1) and Section 9 (2). Special category data about pupils’ self-assessed general health, physical activity and diet is processed under GDPR Article 9(2)(j). Under GDPR, consent is therefore not a requirement for the lawful processing of this particular data.

Informed consent is a fundamental principle of Government Social Research ethical guidelines. We are therefore taking additional active steps to inform pupils and their parents of the purpose of the data linkage, its legal basis and their rights. We will make potential participants at all relevant key stages aware that they may withdraw their participation. You or your child may withdraw their participation in all or part of the study before, during, or immediately after the survey fieldwork (7th April 2019). ‘Informed consent’ in this context is an ethical concept which is distinct from the legal basis of consent that can be used to process personal data under GDPR.

More information can be found in the privacy notice for the Wellbeing Survey