Here are links to useful resources to help teachers, school liaisons and class liaisons plan and prepare for the surveys.

They include detailed instructions about the various steps involved in setting up and running the surveys in schools.

The following is an example of sample text to raise awareness of the survey:

“***** Primary School will shortly be running a survey with P5 to P7 pupils. The survey is called the Children’s Wellbeing Survey.
Each child will be asked to complete a short online questionnaire during class time. The results of the survey will be used to understand the wellbeing needs of children and help staff to improve services in your area.

In addition to the survey, information will be added to the survey answers. This is called data linkage. No names will be used when answering the survey or in linking the local authority information – there will be no way children or families can be identified. For more information on data linkage and other parts of the programme, please see the Frequently Asked Questions on this website.

This will help to improve the way children’s services are planned and delivered by your local authority and their partners, such as education or voluntary organisations. The results will not look at children’s responses on an individual basis. This ensures that all responses are unidentifiable.
The results of the project will be used to understand the wellbeing needs of children in your area.”